Emmagrube 12 x ‘Kuxschein’ (complete!!) – 1914!!


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Emmagrube – 12 similar but different scarce private early notgeld pieces which make up the entire ‘Kuxschein’ certificate! Issued by ‘Rybniker Steinkohlen-Gewerkschaft’, (The coal union of Rybnik) all 12 pieces have a face value of 1m and all have different serial numbers, as I have collected 12 different pieces to make up these scarce complete certificate! All the pieces are made from a twelve of a mining share – ‘Kux-schein’! (The shares certificate was made up of 12 similar pieces and then cut into the individual notgeld pieces. Top left corner was piece ‘1’, top right corner was piece ‘3’, bottom left was piece ’10’ and the bottom right piece was piece ’12’. – please see the picture of the complete shares certificate that you are purchasing here! The notgeld pieces themselves have relatively low serial numbers, (due to number of pieces actually made) and 2 signatures and an official stampmark on each piece. All 12 pieces you are purchasing here are in ‘used but good’ condition – please see scans which show the front (all similar 12 pieces) and the back of piece ‘bild 5’…….as well as the entire backs of the 12 pieces which make up the entire ‘Kuxschein’ certificate!! You are buying all 12 pieces here. A great addition for any notgeld collection! (I do have a few other pieces available, so you could try, over time, to build up the complete shares certificate (Kux-schein). Once these are sold, that is it – so don’t misout on a golden opportunity to really improve your notgeld collection! (GNCC members can purchase this ‘KUXSCHEIN’ in 12 pieces for 360 euros…….

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