Itzehoe – artistic set of 4!


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Itzehoe – Set of 4 pieces. The set isn’t as ‘common’ as its catalogue price would suggest, as everybody who see them, wants them! Fantastic imagery and design! All the pieces are in ‘au-unc’ condition as is the norm with these types (serienscheine). Complete set! (The set, designed by Wenzel Hablik, an Expressionist artist and designer, details on the reverse of the 50pf note, a town plan of Itzehoe where Hablik lived. The male cockerel is laying an egg! The reverse of the 1m note (shown in image) cleverly disguises the figure ‘1’ in its face value of 1 mark!!). Its a fascinating set where everything is not as it seems! Pieces catalogue as : Lm.631d – G/M.649.5

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