Lorch – set of 3 (15.6.1921)


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Lorch – set of 3 (15.6.1921). All the pieces are in ‘au-unc’ condition as is usual for these types (serienscheine). Complete set! (Serial numbers will be different to that shown in the scan). From Wikipedia : After the end of the war, the armistice of Compiegne ordered the occupation of the area on the left bank of the Rhine by the Allies and additional bridgeheads near Cologne (British), Koblenz (US) and Mainz (French). Between the US bridgehead at Koblenz and the French bridgehead near Mainz, each covering a radius of 30 km, a narrow strip between the Rhine Valley and Limburg an der Lahn remained unoccupied had a bottleneck. The localities in this area had previously been subject to the district administrations of the Rheingau district , the Untertaunus district and the district of St. Goarshausen , whose sovereignty now ended at the borders of the occupied bridgeheads, so that the ‘bottleneck’ at this administrative level resulted in an emergency that led to self-government obligation. This entity was the “Bottleneck Free State” (‘Freistaat Flaschenhals‘). The bottleneck included the town of Lorch.  
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