Meissen ‘private’ 10 goldmark!!


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A scarce 10 goldmark wertbestaendige notgeld piece, issued in Meissen and dating from 1923. It was issued by the Meissen porcelain manufacturer company!! The piece, which has a very dramatic design…..along with the world famous Meissen ‘cross-swords’ trademark, is in ‘almost au-unc’ condition with 1 center crease/fold. The rough edge on the left-hand side exists all on notes of this type (in the catalogues, denoted as ‘schaurand’). Catalogues as M027.1 in Kai Lindman’s 2008 wert catalogue, with a price of between 65 – 100 euros. The triangular cut-out is where the note has been cancelled. See the hand-written signature and extremely low serial number! A scarce note for your banknote and notgeld collection!! (GNCC members can purchase this note for 80 euros)!!

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