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Pforzheim 50pf piece, which is in ‘au-unc’ condition. Piece dates from 1920 and has lovely graphics on both front and back. The series and serial number will be different than that shown.

The reverse picture seems to be a representation of what Pforzheim is famous for – jewelery (and watchmaking). Pforzheim began as a centre for gold jewelery (its nickname is the ‘Goldstadt’) in 1767 with the establishment of a jewelery and watchmaking workshop at the town orphanage (cheap labour) and they have not looked back. In 1938 the world’s only Jewelery Museum was established there (it was resurrected in new premises in the 1960s after Pforzheim became one of Germany’s most-bombed towns in World War II). So the graphic probably represents this : the little guy with the wings and the cushion bearing jewelery represents Pforzheim (perhaps quite appropriately as the tradition started with orphan children); the lady then represents the beautiful rich women of the world embellishing their charms with the town’s most famous products.
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