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Most of the articles on this site, including the newly available discussion forum, are only available to my GNCC (German Notgeld Collectors’ Club) members. I set the GNCC notgeld club up to stop a lot of time and effort being spent with people who really just wanted to find out a few things so they could sell what they had found or been left. I receive hundreds of emails about notgeld of course. I really want to spend most of my time discussing things with open-minded people who have a real passion with collecting and researching German notgeld.

Membership of my GNCC, which takes 24hrs to become ‘live’, has a ‘one-off, lifetime‘ payment of 35 euros and has the following benefits:

  • Gronau ‘Hohe Ecke’ and a piece from Chorzow sent FREE when you place your first order as a GNCC member. (value 70 euros). (This basically gives you back twice your membership payment and shows I don’t do this for money – I want the contacts with the passionate notgeld collectors around the world.)
  • A very specialised club for notgeld collectors rather than a general coin or banknote collector club.
  • Free advice from me, on all your German notgeld queries (unlimited)……. and Austrian issues if and where I can help.
  • Unlimited 1-1 correspondence with me about anything you want to chat about relating to notgeld – the stories behind specific notes or sets, translations of verses or rhymes, clarification about an issue etc etc.
  • Assistance, where I can provide it, with obtaining pieces you are specifically looking for or need to add to your collection.
  • I can ‘lay-away’ pieces or sets for GNCC members, if they are saving up to purchase a specific note or set and need some time to do that, but don’t want the note/set to sell in the meantime.
  • Access to lots and lots of other notgeld info. that is ‘hidden’ to non members or only available to members who are logged-in. These include information on ; ‘anti-Semitic’,issues, ‘Bielefeld 100m pieces’, ‘scarcer pieces’, ‘useful info’ (including info on coins made from coal), ‘series variants’, ‘error notes’, ‘serial numbers’, ‘specimen pieces’ etc. There’s a lot of info that is only available to GNCC members, so if you are passionate about notgeld, then it’s well worth joining .
  • Access to all the archived posts and articles.
  • Access to the GNCC forum
  • All new articles I am writing will be for GNCC members only to access and will have ‘*‘ in their title, so you can see.
  • As the website grows, specialist additional info. will only be available to my GNCC members. All these options have an asterisk by them, once a member has logged in, so that they know it is a registered access page. Also now, to hopefully make things easier for everyone, I have the ‘monthly latest news’ and ‘latest articles’ section on my homepage where you can select the latest lot of articles I have written.
  • Free ‘general market valuation’ of individual notes. This will let you know if you have a ‘rare’ piece of notgeld and what you might reasonably be expected to get for it, if you decided to sell to either a collector or a banknote dealer.
  • As one of my GNCC members – you’ll see the 10% discount will now get automatically applied for you at checkout (if you are logged in) against every product for orders under 100 euros. A 20% discount on orders over 100 euros is still available for GNCC members only by using the additional discount code. ‘GNCC100+‘ (This does not include my notgeld publications or any already reduced or discounted notgeld)! )

Discount codes for products are only applied when you are logged in and at the checkout – I can address any issues when an order is placed for any GNCC member ……. eg) you don’t get the correct discount applied on your order.

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