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    it is a donation note , issued from the  highschool called "Marien-Gymnasium" in the town Jever in
    the year 1923.
    The hand-written text is in "Sütterlin" and reads in German as follows:
    "Dieser Schein ist zu kaufen für 50 Pfennig und das Geld für Errichtung einer Bismarckwarte bei Jever bestimmt"
    Translation in english :
    "  This note can be bought for 5o Pfennig and the money is meant for  built
    a "Bismarck-Warte" near Jever"

  • The following 2 notes, I came upon quite recently, after sorting through around 50 of the same piece. They were all the same colour except for this 1 'light bluegrey' piece. Collectors will see with some pieces, that the ink from the print run was slowly running out and the colours may have become fader. This piece grabbed my attention though as Lindman already catalogues 2 other face value pieces as having slightly different colours and having had lots of pieces to compare, this is the same............but not catalogued as yet! Lindman has stated to me that this is an interesting piece....but not valueable.