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Wiedenbrueck - scarce set!

240,00 €

1 item in stock

Wiedenbruck - scarce complete set of 20 different pieces (25pf, 50pf, (6x1m)+(6x2m)+(6x5m) pieces.

The 'sets' of 6 pieces each spell out : 'W' 'IE' 'DE' 'NB' 'RU' 'CK' and all pieces are in 'au-unc' condition. These pieces would make a great addition to your notgeld collection. Complete scarcer and hard to come by set!! Scan only shows the 6x2m pieces but you do get the 25+50pf pieces, the 6 x 1m pieces and the 6 x 5m pieces as well. (20 different pieces in total)

GNCC members can get this set for 192 euros!


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