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20 milion markl.'.Revolution.' (DARK BLUE)

250,00 €

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A genuine 20 millionen mark Reichsbanknote from September 1923 with anti-semitic propaganda overprint in DARK BLUE!! The piece is in 'used but good' condition. This piece IS NOT NOTGELD, but I am including it here as other collectors have interest with these types. GNCC members could purchase this note for 200 euros. Uncatalogued colour!!!

‘The Stock Market Jew took away from us our bitterly won possessions,

Our silver, our gold

Rolled into his pockets.

The rapacious system needs a good kick, 

So fight with us in Hitler's ranks!

Vote Electoral List 9!’ 

(Further info about these pieces can be found in my 'TARNISHED GEMS' book).

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