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 Genuine German spielkarton notgeld issues:


The notgeld issues of 1914 do tend to be more drab and plainer looking than the very colourful notgeld which were issued after the end of WWI. In 1914, there was a real 'necessity' for small change money. The later issues really boomed because they met a need in the collecting market!


The 2 scans, above and below, are 'Gutsverwaltung' notes and were issued in Lopischewo b. Ritschenwalde (Posen) - Polish - Lopiszewo) and have no written date, although the date is known to be 8th August 1914. They are 'spielkarten notgeld' pieces (made from playing cards) and they are extremely rare due to the very small numbers that were actually issued. They made 162 (81 marks worth) of the 50pf piece, 327 of the 1m piece, 164 (492 marks worth) of the 3m piece and only 99 (495 marks worth) of the 5m piece! It is not known how many of these pieces exist today.


The pieces have a catalogue value of 200 euros each, except the 1m piece which catalogues at 150 euros. (please note though - a similar 50pf piece to the one above, sold in early 2010 for over 200 euros, because of the scarcity and demand from the notgeld collectors! Quite often these scarcer or rare unusual notgeld pieces will sell for much higher than their catalogue values)


The 50pf pieces are brown, the 1m pieces red, the 3m pieces blue and the 5m pieces green. They were all printed on either 'Hearts', 'Diamonds', 'Spades' or 'Clubs' ('Herz', 'Kreuz', 'Pik', 'Karo') - so there are 16 'different' pieces in total to collect!!


Here is a picture of some other pieces I have found:


The only other GERMAN towns that issued 'spielkarten' notgeld, between 1914-1923, that I know of are;


Bretleben, C.Zuchold, 20, 40pf, 1918

Marienwerder, R.Floeting, 1, 2, 5, 10, 20pf, 1920

Roetzenhagen, 25, 50pf, 1m



Stralsund, G.Habeck, 5, 10, 25, 50pf, 1922 (GNCC members only......see under 'Notgeld categories/serienscheine')