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The ‘ELUSIVE GEMS’ book, depicting rare serienscheine and other notgeld, has just been updated (Jan 2024) which has taken the total pages from 270 – 365! Many more notes are now depicted in full colour.

If you are wanting an excellent catalogue for the colourful serienscheine pieces, then look no further than GNCC member Nate’s publication ‘Notgeld – German Series Notes 1918 – 1922‘ (published in April 2023) which is in full English with prices in dollar US. (1 dollar US = 80p sterling = 90 euro cents at time of print) ! The link below will send you to Nate’s website. Queries and questions about this book or concerns with orders etc, relating to this 1 publication should be directed to Nate and not me – thanks for your understanding. Nate’s website link is below the picture of his book……….which is excellent, I must say!!

Nate’s book :

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