*This piece is a modern forgery / replica

A very ‘shiny’ piece – it has been tested and is ‘modern’. Under fluorescent lighting, the colour changes are significant too.

Please don’t confuse this ‘very shiny’ piece though with the genuine pieces! There are 5 genuine embroidered similar but different pieces that I am aware of……all with this ‘scalloped’ border/edge type.

In the next picture, only the top piece is the ‘modern replica’. I have tried to draw a line to show that the width of the box drawn with the thick black line, has been reduced on that 1 piece. The 3 pieces underneath are all genuine……the widths of the thick black lined box are all the same. There are other differences too, with this ‘modern replica’ piece and our test results from XRF testing too!

I have a wealth of notgeld experience and knowledge, built up over 50 years of collecting and research. I want to share this with any collector of emergency money that is interested and above all, has an open mind to learning. I have written 6 books on the subject of notgeld too. Some of my very, very specialised notgeldscheine knowledge, I gained from German experts, including the world number 1 serienscheine notgeld expert, in my mind, Kai Lindman, who has now very unfortunately and sadly died. I don’t think we should ever lose any knowledge that has been built up and this is a timely reminder of that…….let’s share our knowledge.

Please contact me, using the ‘Email Me’ tab at the top, if you have a genuine desire to possibly learn even more about notgeld.


*Huettenhausen & Rheinhausen

*Hamm specimen pieces

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