Why join the GNCC?

I am always trying to attract new collectors to the very interesting and very colourful (in design and subject matter) world of German notgeld. Please don’t limit yourself to some drab designed world banknotes or just collecting differences with serial numbers of a particular banknote etc. etc. Let your minds be amazed by notgeld and these fantastic historical documents, highly colourful, highly designed, highly interesting, fairly readily available and very highly collectable.

Due to the number of notgeld related emails and questions I receive, I decided several years ago now, to start up the ‘German Notgeld Collectors’ Club’ (GNCC). This very special club is specifically for collectors of German & Austrian notgeld (although all notgeld collectors are welcome of course) This club caters for the needs of the German notgeld collector, primarily……. and does not cover collecting general ‘world banknotes’. It does however, also now cover interest in the anti-semitic and political propaganda overprints on German and Austrian banknotes , originally dated before 1924. eg) the commonly seen 1000m green coloured Reichsbanknote issue of 1922.

People who I have emailed previously, regarding the subject of German notgeld, are also encouraged to join.

To become a member of my GNCC (German Notgeld Collector’s Club), a ‘one-off’ and ‘lifetime’ membership joining fee of 35 euros (or equivalent) is required.

(For reference only, IBNS membership is currently £20……. a year!)

As well as GNCC membership, on joining and placing your first order with me, you also receive (with a total catalogue value of 75 euros!!) a scarce serienscheine piece from Gronau and an uncommon verkehrsausgaben notgeld dating from 1917 from Chorzow, So just 35 euros is fantastic value for the real notgeld collector……. and you are really ‘quids in’!

GNCC membership notes you get when placing your 1st order – their value is 75 euros.

(This club is for notgeld collectors wishing to learn more about the subject and who want to share knowledge and learn about their notgeld. It is not designed to be a place where sellers, uninterested in notgeld except to make a quick buck, can get all their valuations for ‘unknown’ notgeld they are selling, from members).

I have rolling costs (year on year) of web development, web hosting and permanent web space. This small one-off payment helps me with these costs, cuts down on wasted time with people contacting me about things  (if they are not GNCC members) but from your perspective, would entitle you to ‘lifetime’ membership of my GNCC, where the following benefits are offered;

  • A specialised club for notgeld collectors rather than a general coin or banknote club.
  • A very open-minded and friendly environment in which members can thrive
  • Free advice from me, on all your German notgeld queries. (unlimited).
  • Unlimited 1-1 correspondence with me about anything you want to chat about relating to notgeld – the stories behind specific notes, for example.
  • Access to the GNCC notged forum (new for 2021))
  • Assistance, where I can provide it, with obtaining pieces you are specifically looking for or need to add to your collection.
  • I can ‘lay-away’ pieces or sets for GNCC members, if they are saving up to purchase a specific note or set and need some time to do that, but don’t want the note/set to sell in the meantime.
  • Gronau ‘Hohe Ecke’ and Chorzow pieces sent FREE when you place your first order as a GNCC member.
  • Access to lots and lots of other notgeld info. that is ‘hidden’ to non members or only available to members who are logged-in. These include information on ; ‘anti-Semitic’, ‘Bielefeld 100m pieces’, ‘scarcer pieces’, ‘useful info’ (including info on coins made from coal), ‘series variants’, ‘error notes’, ‘serial numbers’ etc. etc. There is a lot of info that is only available to GNCC members, so if you are passionate about notgeld, then it is well worth joining .
  • All new articles I am writing will be for GNCC members only to access and will have ‘*’ in their title, so you can see.
  • As the website grows, specialist additional info. will only be available to my GNCC members. All these options have an asterisk by them, once a member has logged in, so that they know it is a registered access page. I have created a ‘latest info’ option under ‘GNCC’ where I will place new info……..that I wish to share with GNCC members…..and also, now (to hopefully make things easier for everyone) i have the ‘latest news and articles’ section on my homepage, where you can select the latest lot of articles I have written.
  • Free ‘general market valuation’ of individual notes. This will let you know if you have a ‘rare’ piece of notgeld and what you might reasonably be expected to get for it, if you decided to sell to either a collector or a banknote dealer.
  • I will hold a free draw for a ‘non-common’ piece of German notgeld, only occasionally and from time to time, which will have a current market value, at the time of the draw, of at least the joining fee!  All GNCC members will be automatically entered into the draw, even if they have won before! The winner’s name will be placed on my website, so you can all see the results. Members names, membership number and country of residence, will be posted on my website. Only members with an ‘M’ (normal membership) number will be included in the draw. (No email addresses are shown on the website, so you keep your anonymity). I will hold these drawers, as and when it suits me and my ‘notgeld stock’ situation. I can’t state how many free drawers I will have or when I might have one. I reserve the right to have a redraw if I do not get an email response back from a winner within 5 days. (I need to have that confirmation back to ensure I post out to a correct and current postal address for them).
  • As one of my GNCC members – you’ll receive a 10% discount code you can use (when you are logged in) against every order under 100 euros and 20% discount on orders over 100 euros. (This does not include my 6 notgeld publications or already reduced/discounted notgeld)! )
  • Discount codes can be applied only when you are logged in (they will then appear to remind you) and whilst placing your order. – I can address any issues when an order is placed for any GNCC member of course eg) you forget to apply the discount – not a problem.

GNCC ‘Lifetime’ membership – to join, please click here

(NB. Access takes 24hrs from time payment is received to become ‘live’.)

*******PLEASE NOTE *******

If you are planning to purchase notgeld at the same time as joining my GNCC, please purchase the GNCC membership first and provide payment. Then place a separate order for the notgeld. This way, discounts will be applied correctly *******


Issues (German) – basic

Wertbestaendige Intro.

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