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  • Dale W (USA) – 25 OCT 2023

Thank you for developing! It is very helpful with so much information, excellent pictures, research, and tidbits for the collector. I could have used this 25 years ago, but I climbed the mountain the hard way, learning step by step.

  • Charles B (M311) CANADA

I discovered notgeld rather recently though I have been a banknote collector since I was about 12.  Once I did, I immediately jumped in with both feet.  At this point I haven’t narrowed my collection into specific categories. I love to collect notes based on the artist beauty, some on the topic, some on the humour and cleverness of the design and others because of the history. Some I collect because they are associated to my ancestry such as Neustrelitz & Berlin. I am so glad I found the GNCC notgeld club because it is the best source of information on the various pieces out there. Even if there is no information on a given piece of notgeld, Tony (TG-M) can usually find out something about it.   He also welcomes any information from other collectors as well.  As a collector group, it makes the site even better.  Don’t forget to check out the GNCC shop as well, as there are loads of notgeld you cannot find at other places!! My most recent order came within 4 days and I live across the big pond!

  • Tony C (M310) ENGLAND

I have seen some marvellous sets and rare pieces on your website, which I will endeavour to get at some point. My theory is right now to learn more about the subject and meanings of these notes before jumping in just because they are rare. I’ve been reading lots of the articles on your site and find it all fantastic. Being a banknote collector in the past, I always bought notes that I found interesting visually rather than concentrate of the rarity of a note. A lot of collectors buy for investment and I can see plus sides to that but for me, it is a hobby and not primarily for investment. These wonderfully interesting notgeld issues are meant to be enjoyed and not stored away for 50 yrs without looking and researching. I am so glad I found your notgeld webste and joined your GNCC club!

  • Graham Y (M0291) ENGLAND

I’m so glad to have joined this GNCC notgeld club, as the website is so full of information about notgeld notes, which I never knew anything about. I only knew a little bit about them…….until I joined and was then able to read all about it. I like collecting notgeld as it keeps me happy and my main interests are with colourful looking notes about history, places, peoples and cultures.

  • Gary R (M0281) USA

‘Tony, your website is terrific! For a beginning collector like me, it is a wonderful learning experience.  You have put a lot of time and effort into creating this site.  It is packed full of interesting and useful information. To top it off, I love the Gronau piece you sent me free, for joining your GNCC notgeld club.  The note encompasses (in one Notgeld) the entire situation; the Germans with almost no food or supplies looking across the border to the well-stocked Dutch; the increasing inflation; the poem (rhyming in German) about no malt in the beer and no grease (i.e. butter or fat) for the bread; and the saying “we’re almost finished“.  What a great piece.  THANK YOU! If I ever encounter anyone who is thinking about collecting, or even is a collector, I will send them straight to your site.’

  • Vladlen M (M0175) USA

‘Hope you’re staying well and safe. Really enjoying the website! The articles are fantastic, and highly educational. I really enjoyed the Oldisleben one as I have never even imagined that you could put all the pieces together to get a bit of a secret message – a real education. Very well done!’

  • John A (M0084) ENGLAND

‘ has been my main go-to place on the web since I started collecting 12 years ago.  I’ve seen it through major updates as well as regular posts and additions and it just gets better and better. Tony has a real eye for things of interest to the collector and often this is information that you’d be hard put to source anywhere else. Being a member of the GNCC – with all its access to additional articles – has been one of my best decisions, and corresponding with Tony over the years has continued to enthuse and motivate and excite me about my hobby. Sincerest thanks!’

  • Dan G (M0271) USA

‘I recently joined the GNCC.  As a retired Lutheran pastor, I have a special interest in notgeld which depicts Luther and the places associated with his life.  Tony has helped me obtain some issues I didn’t have, as well as supplying translations for some of the notes that I was interested in.  I really appreciate his help.  I also enjoy looking through the rest of the website and reading the articles.’

  • Mel C (M0275) USA

I’m very glad to have found your website; it’s super informative! I have always kept a small collection of coins ever since I was a child, but I only started collecting paper currency two years ago when I came across some Serienscheine at a flea market and was fascinated by how diverse and colorful they were.  The Kreuzberg and Tiergarten designs from the 1921 Berlin notes were actually the first ones in my collection, so I was very excited to be able to buy the full set from your site! I tend to prefer the notes that portray local history or folklore because it is always fun to try and track down the story behind them. Thanks again for your website!  I will definitely be visiting and ordering again in the near future!

  • Sebastian F (M0277) GERMANY

Thanks for your quick reply TG-M. I’m generally interested in propaganda banknotes, especially those from German- speaking countries, but also those with political/ anti-Semitic overprints. Your website is a real treasure trove! I will now purchase your ‘TARNISHED GEMS‘ book on anti-Semitic issues…….

  • Jan O (M0274) NETHERLANDS

As a banknote collector who is primarily interested in the way a (bank) note expresses the history or culture of country or town (in the case of Serienscheine) it was issued by, rather than  in the technical variants of a note, I was more than positively surprised by TG-M’s website, as it is one of the few websites which spends attention to: what is on the notes, images, texts, stories etc. Even in catalogues one hardly finds this information. So often a collector who is interested in this aspect (and in my view the most important) has just to guess what the symbolism of the note is. Therefore my compliments to the rich content of the website and please continue like this, certainly in the content-rich area of Serienscheine and other Notgeld!!


*FB4 – Herbert Bayer (Bauhaus) designed notes

*’Willi H Lippert’ (artist)

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