GNCC draw winners!

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German Notgeld Collector’s Club (G.N.C.C.) free draw winners

M0010 – Richard Gauthier – USA

Richard won a 50pf note from Hamburg – Thalia theatre (Lm.540) with a catalogue value of 30 euros. Richard said “I would like to thank you for starting the G.N.C.C. and for having such an informative web site. I believe more people should read the material you have it is fantastic. As of now I have about 1200 sets and still going.”

M0004 – Danny Elwell – England

Danny won a 50pf note from Hamburg – Wilhelm Hagel (Lm.513) with a catalogue value of 35 euros. Danny said “It’s great to hear that I’ve won the free draw for the GNCC. Every extra note helps my collection to grow. I think German Notgeld is appealing because it relects interests in history, geography, language etc. – they are all miniature works of art and a good little investment to enjoy. Also, I’m pleased that the German Notgeld Collectors Club is continuing to expand.”

M0027 – Bryan Ison – USA

Bryan won 2 * 50pf notes from Wildeshausen – Steggemanns Hotel (Lm.1390) with a catalogue value of 20 euros each. Bryan said “I’m delighted with the 2 notes. I really don’t have anything like these notes in my modest, (but growing), collection. What can I say but: thank you Tony, thank you GNCC!”

M0039 – Loren Stevens – USA

Loren won 2 * 50M silk notes (stoffgeld) from Bielefeld – (Lm.98m1.1 & Lm.98m1.4) with a catalogue value of 15 euros each. Loren said “What a wonderful surprise. The Bielefeld silk pieces will be a welcome addition to my collection. As nice as winning a prize is, I think the bigger prize was joining your G.N.C.C and gaining the knowledge you have and so freely share with us.”

M0012 – Darren Flack – England

Darren won 2 pieces of scarce German notgeld (a 25pf and a 50pf) from Ruebeland – (Lm.1117.5) with a catalogue value of 20 euros each. Darren said “Thank you Tony, this is great news. I have been extremely ill over the past few months and I am very thankful for this GNCC prize. I have learnt a lot about collecting notgeld from you and I hope that my collection keeps growing. Many thanks once again!”

M0045 – John Simpson – England

John won 2 pieces of scarce German notgeld (2 * 50pf) from Luebeck – (Lm.800) with a catalogue value of 20 euros each. John said “I was completely taken aback when you told me that I had won the free monthly draw – that’s the sort of thing which I thought didn’t happen to me – and the two notes are scarce, valuable and most interesting. They seem to have been issued in connection with some kind of international shipping agents’ conference held in Lubeck in May 1921, and were valid only at gatherings connected with the conference and also at the Commerzbank in Luebeck for a mere thirty days thereafter! Quite fascinating, and thanks a million! You really do provide such a friendly and helpful service for your clients, and how you find time to hold a job down as well I just don’t know.”

M0055 – Bill Gunnell – USA

Bill won 2 pieces of scarcer German notgeld, from Aschersleben & Dermbach. The Aschersleben piece (75pf) catalogues as Lm.47 with a catalogue value of 15 euros and the Dermbach piece (25pf) catalogues as Lm.255b2, with a catalogue value of 5 euros. Bill said “It’s really great winning the GNCC free drawer…looking forward to receiving everything. Tony, you have a GREAT website. I visit often when I’m looking for a special piece or two in the Judaica , Martin Luther or Christmas items. Really appreciate the information you provide on your site , it’s a BIG help to me. THANKS!

M0032 – Mark Watson – USA

Mark won 2 pieces of scarcer German notgeld, from Luebeck, cataloguing as Lm.804b and with a catalogue value of 20 euros each. Mark said “Many thanks Tony. I really find your notgeld website a great help. It answers a lot of my queries and allows me to improve my collection. Thanks once again for the Luebeck notgeld.”

M0091 – Clyde Ketelsen – USA

Clyde won 2 pieces of scarcer German notgeld, from Scharmbeck – Shuetzenhof (shooting club) cataloguing as Lm.1142a3 and with a catalogue value of 25 euros each. Clyde said “WOW – Thanks for the good news Tony!! It is a real unexpected pleasure and needless to say I am thrilled. Since I am new to collecting notgeld, those 2 pieces are ones I do not have. Your web site has opened my eyes about the depth of this hobby. The nice traits that you & the other GNCC members share is an unselfishness, enthusiasm, & willingness to answer questions and help out novices like myself and for that I am really grateful.”

M0100 – Brian MacWithey – USA

As the 100th GNCC member,

Brian receives 3 pieces of scarcer ‘verkehrsausgaben’ notgeld, 2 from Lossnitz and 1 from Chorzow, with a total value of 50 euros. Brian said: “I am very excited to have been the 100th member of the GNCC, especially since I received the three special pieces of verkehrsausgaben! They are so different from the serienscheine. As you explain on your site, these were actually used for business transactions so they are not as “flashy” as the serienscheine but just as interesting! I would recommend anyone who is interested in notgeld, join the GNCC. I have found access to the forum to be very enjoyable and informative. People are very willing to help other collectors and you always learn something new with each visit! For a minimal fee you have a wealth of information at your fingertips and a great notgeld networking opportunity. Thanks again, Brian.”

M0079 – Kurt Kranz – USA

Kurt has just won the latest draw and receives 5 pieces of ‘wertbestaendige’ notgeld from Neustettin which catalogue as N017 in Kai Lindman’s new catalogue. The total value is 75 euros. Kurt said; “What a fantastic surprise!  I honestly have never won anything before joining your GNCC!! This is yet another great reason to join the GNCC!! Smile These ‘wertbestaendige’ notes make a nice addition to the several different pieces I already have in my notgeld collection. It is interesting that they were redeemable towards gas or water consumption. I do not have any of these type notes with dual usage.”

M0083 – John Montgomery – USA

John has just won the latest draw and receives 2 scarcer serienscheine pieces from Schoenecken-Wetteldorf i. Eifel. They catalogue as Lm.1168 / Gr.1198, with a total value of 30 euros. John said; “It was a great surprise to win the latest draw. The notes arrived today and are a nice addition to my growing collection. The real value though is in the website. It is a great place to find information and get answers to those troubling questions that the German-English dictionary just doesn’t quite answer. I’ve had lots of help from other members on the Forum aswell. Your new “German Gems” catalog is a great addition too. I’m looking forward to the next volume!

M0092 – Dan Marion – USA

Dan has just won the latest GNCC membership draw and receives 3 scarcer variant pieces from Kummerfeld + 2 pieces from Lund-Schobuell. They catalogue as Lm.728.23(128), Lm.728.14(84), Lm.728.18(106) & Lm.822.1(75pf+1m). They have a total catalogue value of 55 euros. Dan said “This is excellent news! Many thanks. For me, the GNCC web site is the definitive online source for notgeld information. I have been collecting notgeld only for about 2 years. I have found the website and its notgeld references to be a valuable information source. Joining the GNCC as a member has provided me with additional reference information and jump-started my collection through a special purchase via the GNCC and Tony. There is also his list of specific available duplicate notgeld pieces for purchase. I have noted that GNCC members are from around the world and represent many of the most knowledgeable individuals in notgeld collecting. Also of note for other collectors thinking about joining the GNCC, Tony’s website is one of the primary references in the Wikipedia article on Notgeld. Having collected in many other areas, I remain a firm believer in joining clubs associated with the area of collecting interest and buying the references in order to fully educate oneself on the subject. The GNCC and its web site are one of the best collecting clubs I have seen. It is a pleasure to be a member.”

M0043 – Geoff Todd – ENGLAND

Geoff has just won the latest GNCC membership draw and receives a ‘set’ of 6 notgeld reprints which includes 3 ‘Daimler’ pieces from Stuttgart. The 6 pieces have a value of around 50 euros and come in an envelope with a sheet of info about them. Geoff said “Thanks Tony, what a nice surprise. I don’t usually win things but this is a nice change! Thanks for the pieces. They will make a real nice addition to my notgeld collection. Your website is getting better and better! I see that you are adding pieces to your website shop all the time and the shopping basket really does make things a lot easier now. You have some lovely pieces for sale.”

M0013 – Melvin Springfield – USA

Melvin has just won the latest GNCC membership draw and receives 2 propaganda ‘Ruhrtaler’ pieces, 3 ‘overprints’ and a scarcer serienscheine piece from Oppurg. The 6 pieces have a total of around 40 euros. Melvin said “Thank you so very much for the items won. My number all these years has been M0013, which proves to not be unlucky at all! I enjoy your notgeld website and over the last 25 years or so I have developed a large collection of Bielefeld notes, as well as hundreds of other cities and towns in Germany. I have enjoyed researching further as to what the circumstances of each community was like a hundred years ago, and how the Great War affected them. I have now extended that research for Bielefeld from 1900 up through 1950. Thanks again for the notes I have won.”

M0148 – Mark Matthiessen – USA

Mark has just won the latest GNCC membership draw and receives 2 scarcer pieces of notgeld. A scarcer 10m serienscheine piece from Tonndorf-Lohe and a scarcer verkehrsausgaben piece from Chorzow. The 2 pieces have a total catalogue value of 80 euros. Mark said “Tony’s GNCC website is the best resource I’ve discovered in 20 years of collecting thousands of meticulously cataloged Serienscheine. Beyond enjoying his informative and finely-crafted site–which introduced me to entire sub-genres of Notgeld previously unknown to me–I have frequently benefited from both his expertise and the ability to interact with other like-minded collectors through the GNCC. Since my ability to speak German is nonexistent, the translations he provides have been fascinating and brought to life–almost a century later!–poetry and politics that have long eluded me. I highly recommend purchasing his PDF files–absolutely professional in quality, with input from the biggest names in Notgeld, such as Beate Rauch. Having won the draw for the scare Notgeld, I have had the pleasure of not only enjoying my collaboration with Tony and the GNCC–but have been paid for it as well! Cheers, Tony–GREAT WORK!”

M0111 – Joe Katcha – USA

Joe has just won the latest GNCC membership draw and receives 2 green Bielefeld 1000m stoffgeld pieces, 1 on linen and the other on silk! The 2 pieces have a total catalogue value of at least 40 euros! Joe said “???????????” (no comments provided)

M0107 – Malcolm Megaw – N.IRELAND

Malcolm has just won the latest GNCC membership draw and receives a complete set of ‘private’ verkehrsausgaben notgeld from Obercrinitz, issued by ‘F.H.Wappler’. The set catalogues at 66 euros. Malcolm said “How refreshing it is to find a collector and enthusiast who gives so much back to the community. The notgeld site is a great resource that one can spend hours brousing and learning. The ‘German Gems’ e-books are also fantastic value – with snippits of information you just won’t get anywhere else. It’s great to be part of a community of like minded collectors that use Tony’s site as a central hub and one that I see going from strength to strength.”

M0084 – John Adams – ENGLAND

John has just won the latest GNCC membership draw and receives a very scarce piece (no ‘5’ only) from Malberg bei Kyllburg. The piece catalogues at 75 euros. (Lm.837 or Gr/Mehl.861.1). John said, “What a fantastic surprise and a delight to win what must be the 18th GNCC members’ draw! It’s great to see how membership has grown since I joined and began with the hobby and always a pleasure to find new posts in the forum. Without the GNCC, collecting would be a whole lot less interesting. The encouragement from Tony and other members always manages to inspire. Love the note – I’ve enjoyed holidays in the Eifel region and have enjoyed the famous beer from Bitburg, just down the road from Malberg; now I’ll have to see if I can get to see that baroque Schloss. A massive thank you Tony, and best wishes to the Notgeld collecting community.”

M0099 – Braz Ferrari Lomonaco – BRAZIL

Braz has just won the latest GNCC membership draw and receives a lovely uncommon leather notgeld piece from Osterwieck with a face value of 100m. It has a catalogue value of 80 euros (Band 11 – Osterwieck 360). Braz said, “Thank you very much for your contact, a good surprise for me. I appreciate your site so much because all the notgeld information is very clear and with good explanations for us collectors! When I need some scarcer pieces, I know that you can usually help me, which is so nice. Your ‘German Gems’ files – so much more notgeld information for me – excellent stuff. All the best.”

M0169 – Richard Dinwiddy – ENGLAND

Richard has just won the latest GNCC membership draw and receives 6 lovely scarce notgeld variant pieces from Fuerstenberg. The notes have a total catalogue value of 150 euros. Richard said, “Great news! I find Tony’s notgeld website and his GNCC notgeld collectors club, invaluable. Not only are there many sets to buy but it also has lots of very useful information. Tony is very informative around anything to do with notgeld.”

M0209 – Jeff Wing – USA

Jeff has just won the latest GNCC membership draw and receives a complete uncommon set of serienscheine from Hamburg (Alte Diele with white reverses), cataloguing as Gr/Mehl-515.1, with a total catalogue value of 120 euros. Jeff said, “Collecting notgeld and researching the history associated with them is extremely rewarding. The GNCC has been a great resource. Tony is eagerly available to assist the new and experienced collector in their journey. I recommend that those that collect U.S. or other type of Paper Money, to consider exploring the interesting world of Notgeld.”

M0106 – Brian Blankenburg – USA

Brian has just won the latest GNCC membership draw  and receives a beautiful yellow 1000m piece of Bielefeld ‘stoffgeld’ made of linen and with a lovely dark blue border, which is ‘reversed’. It has a catalogue value of 100 euros. Brian said, “WOW, my week has been real lousy until now!!! First item I’ve won!!! I do appreciate it and please let me say THANK YOU to you and your notgeld website and collectors club.

(I have now stopped this process and removed it from the GNCC membership benefits list. Management and process became difficult. I no longer visibly record new GNCC member numbers or locations except on initial sign up, shown as ‘latest member’ on the website homepage. With MOST orders placed nowadays, I usually add FREE notgeld pieces for every collector and I hope it works better this way).


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