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Beautiful velvet notgeld pieces, known as ‘stoffgeld’ (money made from material), issued by the ‘Bielefeld Stadtsparkasse’ (The Town Savings Bank of Bielefeld.


Highly collectable and ‘uncommon’ round pieces from Goerlitz, issued by the ‘Goerlitzer Nachrichten und Anzeiger.’ (Goerlitz Gazette – a local newspaper with news and adverts)


Early hand-written small sized pieces made from playing cards. These pieces are extremely rare and highly collected! Very limited numbers were produced.

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TGM (Oct. 2020)

The year is flying past and by good wishes go out to you and all your families, as always. My big project this year is to try and finish my…

TGM (Sept. 2020)

Another month has gone by, fairly quickly….. and we are still wary of the COVID19 situation. All good here though so I hope that is the same for you and…

TGM (Aug. 2020)

I hope everyone is coping as best they can, in our world-wide situation with Covid19. Stay safe and sensible. The past month has seen great in-roads for my new book…


Here is my list of serienscheine notgeld that feature Martin Luther (if you are aware of any not mentioned here, please let me know: Martin … Read more

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*Muster / specimen

What is a ‘Muster’ or ‘Probedruck’ notgeld piece? Just because a note is missing it’s serial number, does not make it a true specimen piece! … Read more

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