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Beautiful stoffgeld pieces from Bielefeld.

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Highly collectable round pieces.

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Early hand-written pieces made from playing cards.

Extremely rare early and collectable pieces.

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Latest Products

30,00 € Aschaffenburg pair - WOW imagery!
1 item in stock
80,00 € Vohwinkel 500 milliarden
1 item in stock
9,00 € Paderborn set of 4 + envelope
1 item in stock
10,00 € Paderborn - set of 5 + envelope
3 items in stock
10,00 € Giengen 100 million mark
4 items in stock
30,00 € Deutsch-Piekar 2 (1917 scarce)!
1 item in stock
120,00 € Lund-Schobuell - 'set' of 6
1 item in stock
12,50 € Halle - 'salt miners' 5 milliarden
1 item in stock
50,00 € Oldesloe, bad - set of 3
1 item in stock

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