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  • The Fraktur was a notgeld collectors’ monthly publication, published by the late writer and author, Courtney Coffing of the USA. It started in July 1988 and ran to December 2000.
  • Notgeld Chatter was a notgeld periodical which pre-dated Notgeld Newsletter, published by the late collector and dealer Dwight L. Musser, also from the USA
  • Notgeld Newsletter was a periodical published by the late collector and dealer Dwight L. Musser. (published early 1970’s through to mid 1980’s
  • Notgeld Information – also published by Dwight L. Musser (German Notgeld Information Center)
  • German Notgeld : An Introduction to Serienscheine‘ – written by Tudor Morris from the United Kingdom, in 1994.

Publications for general collectors which featured specific articles on notgeld, for example, Banknote Reporter and Coin News are not listed here.

I want to mention one other publication here. In Germany, I am aware of the’current’ publication (in German) called ‘Papiergeld‘ by Kai Lindman. I guess this may now stop being published, due to his sad passing (2021)…..

In Vol. 3 of Dwight L. Musser‘s Notgeld Information, my first emergency money book entitled ‘German Gems – The Encyclopedia of German Notgeld‘ gets a mention. Dwight writes:

Also to be recognized are the efforts of Tony Gibbs-Murray. Based in England, he has earned his commendation for promoting the hobby in English language with forays into internet activity and publication.

GERMAN GEMS – The Encyclopedia of German notgeld‘ – helping the collector better understand the emergency money subject, graphics, messages and other things to look out for.

(This was in 2014, a long time ago it seems……. but also after and when I had been collecting previously for over 40 years! How time flies as a hobbyist….) I corresponded with both Tudor and Dwight but never met them in person, unfortunately. My website and GNCC notgeld club has grown and grown, into what it is today and my notgeld specific publications now stand at ‘8’. (2024). I hope this website and the books are a great resource for the non-German speaking collectors of notgeld, all around the world.

I think it is nice to look back some times and see how far this hobby of ours has come. Specialist info is now fairly readily available to emergency money collectors around the world, via the internet, of course. The big problem of ‘language’ still remains though. I hope my endeavours, at least, go a little way in breaking those barriers down for the collectors.


TGM (June 2021)

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