Inflation 1922 Intro.

At the beginning of the inflationary period, in the latter part of 1922, notes were being issued with large face values, but these larger face values were not yet in millions and billions of marks. The notes were large in size and still very colourful, in most cases.

The following scan shows 2 notes issued in Barsinghausen and both dated ’26 September 1922′. At the bottom of each note, it states that they are only valid up to ’31 Marz 1923′.

Below, are 3 pieces issued in Poessneck and all originally dating from 13 September,1922. You can see that the top note has a face value of 100m and has 1 serial number. The second note shows that the face-value has now been revalued/overprinted to 100,000m and the original serial number and face value have been blanked-out. The ‘valid until’ date of 15 December 1922 has also been blanked out, as the revalued note was obviously issued after that stated date. When the overprint was applied, the note was given a 2nd serial number. The very interesting thing here is the type of ‘very heavy waxed’ paper the notes are issued on – quite unusual. The last red coloured note shows an overprinted/revalued 500m note with a new face value of 50,000m.


The following scan shows 3 pieces issued in Berchtesgaden and dated, ’24 Nov 1922′. Again, notice the large size of the actual note and the colourful designs, still being used. These 3 pieces have fairly low serial numbers and were bought in a small collection at a house clearance.

Now, the 1000m piece from 1922 originally, but with overprint from 1923, increasing the face value from 1000m to 1000000m

BerchtesgadenOVP Copy

 The following complete set of 4 very beautiful notes, dating from 1922, were issued in Deutsche-Krone (Polish = Walcz) and all feature ‘animals’. A lovely notgeld set!!

Deutsche krone3
Deutsche krone1

Yet another good example of a 1922 notgeld piece is the note below. Look at all those different stampmarks and signatures!


*Verk. uncatalogued!!

Grossgeld Intro.

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