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People often contact me for free valuations of notes or collections that they have. ONLY GNCC members get FREE valuations of their notgeld.

If you do not want to join my GNCC (German Notgeld Collectors’ Club) and only need to find out what your notgeld are worth, then I can assist you with that for a small fee. Most coin and banknote dealers you might sell to, probably won’t tell you if there are rare sets in your collection. I am nowadays, primarily a notgeld researcher and do not particularly want to buy your collections…….just value them for you so you don’t get ‘ripped -off’! I can provide a tailor-made service, depending on your individual needs. I can give you a valuation for a single notgeld piece, a set of notgeld or an album of notgeld………………..but the number of notes you wish me to look through…..and the time that takes, is the thing I base my pricing on.

Charges are very reasonable and start at 5 euros for ‘up to 5 pictures of album pages’.

(If your collection or album is bigger than 5 pages, you might still just want to just submit 5 selected single album page scans…… is entirely up to you, but remember the basis of what you and I are trying to do here……………………find a scarce or rare notgeld or series of notgeld………hopefully, in your album or collection!… it is always best that I see the entire collection I think.)

Please be aware of the following basic statement : If you only need a rough guide to price, then please use the ‘1 euro average per piece price‘ as that is the average value your notgeld will be worth. If you have a collection of 1000 different, they are probably only worth 500 euros though, so bear that in mind. The value will always depend on whether or not there are scarce and rare pieces in your collection!!

Most of the albums and collections I have reviewed for valuation consist mainly of what the collectors would state as ‘common’ notgeld. But there are exceptions to that! It is a real pleasure to find a scarce or even rare piece or set in someone’s collection. Before you sell your collections, I think it is always best to have them appraised, which I can usually action within 24 hrs. People contact me because they have inherited an album of notgeld from their Father or Grandad or found an album in an attic or house sale. Is that your position now?? You are not alone in wanting to know the value of what you have but you definitely need someone like me to appraise them. I have been an avid collector of notgeld for nearly 50 years and have amassed a whole wealth of ‘notgeld’ experience. I have written 4 publications on the subject and I can spot scarce variants and rare pieces fairly easily.

Please upload your notgeld pictures to the cloud space you use (eg. Google Cloud Space) and then give me access ([email protected]). We will always agree a price, which will be payable before the appraisal / review of your notgeld goes ahead).

I can tell what piece of notgeld you have even if they are overlapped in the albums – anything that shines out at me – I will let you know. I usually will only detail notes that are worth 10 euros or more……………………… the great majority of notgeld pieces only catalogue at 1 or 2 euros each. I will give you a brief description of what your album or collection contains and its overall value and give a list of notes and catalogue valuations for any notgeld you have that are worth 10 euros or more.

My notgeld valuation service is only primarily for paper and/or material (silk, linen, velvet, leather) notgeld. These can be German or Austrian. My expertise does not lie with metal coin notgeld issues at all, so I do not appraise notgeld coin collections. I do not appraise Germany Reichsbanknotes either…….only notgeld issues.

For your reference, below is a good example of what I understand a single album page to look like:

Basic pricing:

5 euros for ‘up to 5 pictures of single album pages’.

10 euros for ‘up to 12 pictures of single album pages’.

15 euros for ‘up to 20 pictures of single album pages’.

20 euros for ‘up to 30 pictures of single album pages’.

25 euros for ‘up to 40 pictures of single album pages’.

(If you have more than 40 album pages you wish me to appraise and value, it is probably best to join my GNCC (35 euros)). This would then cover the basic valuation for 1 collection.

If you are a dealer, you can join my GNCC and I will value 1 collection for you……….but you would then have to make additional payments for further collections you want me to appraise and value.

Below are a couple of good examples of a valuation I was working through:

12th February 2023 – I was contacted by someone who had an album full of notgeld and a few odd German banknotes but they didn’t know what they really were or how much they were worth. They were also undecided about a way forward (sell or collect) so they asked for my appraisal of what they actually had along with a monetary value. The owner of the collection uploaded numerous scans to the cloud (Dropbox) and then gave me access to view them. I brought to their attention, any note that was ‘interesting’ and also any that were worth 10 euros or more. Here is what they had to say, after they received my email report:

Thank you very much Tony. You’ve done an amazing amount of work and I’m very grateful for your detailed appraisal. Your report is something to think about a bit longer, so I’d like to take a bit of time to reflect.  I’ll let you know what we decide to do.  Thanks again and very best wishes.’


19th January 2021 – whilst appraising someone’s notgeld album, over the past few weeks, as and when I received the scans from the owner of the collection, we found a set of 6 scarce notes that have a catalogue value of 60 euros each or 360 euros the complete set. If the owner had sold his collection without knowing its true value to a dealer, he would probably have only been given less than 1 euro each average price……… that would have been a great mistake. At least now the owner can decide what he wants to do. Keep the collection, sell as a whole or sell the scarce set separately. Along the way, his knowledge about notgeld has grown and grown, so overall the experience has been great for both ends. Here is feedback from the owner of the collection:

Recently, I inherited the task of organizing and valuing a huge assortment of family Notgeld collected by my great grandfather in post WWI Germany. The collection of notes had been in our attic in plastic bags and envelopes, largely uninspected and forgotten for the past 100 years. Knowing little about notgeld and living in the States, I contacted the Germany Embassy, the Smithsonian Institution, the U.S. Mint, and several local universities and numismatic societies, for assistance. No one could help. I then found TG-M from, who greeted me warmly and promised he could assist me. For the price of a 35-Euro GNCC membership, Tony spent dozens of hours over the next few months diligently and expertly reviewing the entire collection (sent to him in batches of digital images), assessed the value of certain rare and scarce notes and of the collection as a whole, and provided helpful tips on how to preserve, care for, and ultimately sell the collection. TG-M was a true Godsend. We were so lucky to find this very knowledgeable, experienced and helpful notgeld expert and are incredibly appreciative of his generous and tireless efforts to assist us.

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Otherwise……. please click here to get in touch and submit your initial valuation email to me!!……………………thanks in advance.


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