Grossgeld Intro.

Grossgeld are classified as any piece of notgeld having a face value of 1m or greater. In the following picture, I have scaned several different notgeld issues, but all with a face value of 5m. The grossgeld pieces tend to be much larger than the serienscheine and verkehrsausgaben issues, but slightly smaller than the inflationary issues. Most are from the ‘1918 issues’ category. They often come with face-values of 5m, 10m, 20m, 50m, 100m or 500m………but there are others, of course. Personal preference – I tend to stop collecting at a face-value of 1000m……but only because that then restricts all the mass of inflationary issues to outside of my collecting area. Every collector will decide within what boundaries they will collect. What types do you prefer, what types of subject matter, what price range, etc. etc…….you will soon limit yourself. You can build up a great notgeld collection if you opt to collect a complete set from every issuing town/city/village.

The scan below shows different grossgeld but I have only selected pieces with a face-value of 5m here, so you can see some variety in design.

 ‘NICHT GULTIG’ (hole-punched on 3rd note down on the left) translates as ‘not valid’ ie) …….cancelled… the note has been hole-punched cancelled.

The large sized grossgeld note below, issued in Braunschweig is dated ‘15 Oktober 1918‘…..a month before the end of the war. It depicts different groups that had been and were affected by that war………..namely soldiers, workers and mothers. It then depicts ‘Death’ itself! A very pertinent graphic of that time (1918).

As with the note above, many of the grossgeld notgeld pieces are lovely looking notgeld issues. Now follows scans of grossgeld notgeld issued in Benzberg, Darlehmen, Dueren, Fulda & Zeulenroda.

As with all notgeld, pieces that have very low serial numbers, do tend to be the scarcer pieces. I guess at least 100,000 of the red Dueren piece were issued (serial number of mine is ‘097348’ – not a scarce piece!)


 Following scan shows 3 uncommon/scarce ‘zinsschein’ notgeld pieces issued in Crefeld. The coupon has to be stamped with ‘notgeld’ and can either be ‘7’ or ‘8’ for each face value (10m, 20m & 40m). Unusual pieces, they catalogue at 1998 prices of 40 old Dm each (A.G)


 Following pieces are a complete set of 4 issued in Dresden. Lovely looking pieces, typical of grossgeld from 1918 period.


 Following scans shows a complete set of 3 grossgeld of 1918, issued in Gruenberg


The following piece from Furtwangen is another interesting piece. The date of issue is ‘6 November 1919’ – ….but this is a printing error, as the date should have been 1918!

The top line states : ‘Gultig nur bis 1. Februar 1919‘  (Valid only until 1st February 1919)…….. which sits comfortably with the terms of validity (“This note can be redeemed at the Municipal Finance Office and at the Savings and Orphans Bank in Furtwangen from 1st January 1919 until 1st February 1919“) but as I have pointed out, this doesn’t chime very well with the note being issued on 6th November 1919!!


Inflation 1922 Intro.


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