TGM (Aug. 2023)

I hope you are well and the collecting bug is being good to everyone. When collectors are gaining nice pieces for their collections, the passion grows and the collection improves. Collecting notgeld is a wonderful hobby and if you have luck on your side, the addition of uncommon, scarce or even rare pieces can be such a delight. Some can be purchased for bargain prices which makes the collecting even better. I keep stumbling on wonderful looking pieces and I add them into all my relevant notgeld articles, here on this notgeld specific website. I am currently, working on the ‘saints’ article and there must be other notgeld issues out there featuring different saints that I haven’t added to the list so far. Please do keep an eye out and let me know so the article improves for all GNCC members and over time becomes more complete. The piece from Offenburg, which I added recently, is a wonderful looking note – please see the article list and scans.

We recently had some very, very good luck with obtaining scans of un-issued or draft serienscheine from Schoetmar – you can read a little about that in my latest published article which features one of the notgeld. It doesn’t happen that often that ‘unknown’ pieces are rediscovered by some one. All these Schoetmar pieces and scans will be added to my ‘ELUSIVE GEMS‘ publication of very scarce and very rare serienscheine pieces, which I aim to republish in very early 2024. There will be more than 50 ‘new’ pieces/pictures added to it, so it will be worth doing, from both my perspective and hopefully yours.

I will continue to scan and add pieces from my collection and stock and hopefully you will find something of interest in my notgeld shop. If you are looking for something in particular, please do let me know and I will keep my eyes and ears open for you. I have literally thousands of pieces here – serienscheine, verkehrsausgaben, grossgeld and inflation types.

This month, I aim to work through more of the German notgeld that were issued in towns that are now located within Poland. Historically, they have always interested me and if you are trying to collect notgeld with a different town name or location, then these types can be great for additions. Some can be quite scarce, but if they are added to one’s collection, again, the whole collection improves. A lot of people contact me with queries about notgeld………what do they have and what are they worth? etc. etc. Time after time, pictures are of just the common pieces. Over time, do try and add ‘better’ pieces to your own collections. In my opinion, it is better to spend a bit of money on 1 scarce note rather than the same amount on 10-15 more common pieces. In the begining, that is what all collectors tend to do, to quickly build up a base collection but it is always the better pieces and better collections that will be more desirable to own and worth more……….now and hopefully, in the future too.

Let me know any interesting additions you have found and happy collecting to everyone. Keep the hobby alive, happy and friendly!

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