TG-M (July 2023)

Some of you have seen that my new book ‘VARIANT GEMS’ has now been published and have placed an order on LuLu (the online printer and publisher) so many thanks for that. Please do get in touch and maybe you would also leave positive feedback against the book on LuLu for me? It all goes to help and makes our notgeld hobby more open to everyone.

I ordered a copy myself and was very surprised when it arrived. The book is thicker than I had imagined, at a final page count of over 600 pages! I learnt quite a bit whilst embarking on this project so I am sure you will all learn something from the book. If we all become more knowledgeable, between us we will spot things that are currently unrecorded for sure!

I have decided to ‘bin’ the list of GNCC members that I manually have to keep up to date, on a troublesome html table. It is a bit of a pain and there is no real benefit to anyone. I will however, continue to add the christian name and first letter of the surname of our latest member on the homepage, as I think it is nice for others to see where our members are from and how many we have. A BIG welcome today to Grant S from the USA!

The weather has been ‘changeable’ so cycling has not been as easy as it should have been in the past few weeks. More wind, more rain and more flood-washed sandy roads……a nightmare for a road cyclist.

Here is one of my latest additions. Does anyone have anything interesting to show in the forum? Thanks to all those who have made contributions in the past months. It is lovely to read about everyone’s notgeld news, notgeld ‘finds’ and travels!!

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