TGM (June 2022)

Having just returned home from a wonderful family holiday in Mexico, a few days have been required for getting things straight again. We visited Chichen Itza, the Mayan temple and at another location we did 7 high zip-wire runs above the jungle canopy – superb – but I’m getting too old for all this adrenaline stuff! My old road bike is a ‘Merida’ and it was nice to visit that city as well, to give it some context. It is the state capital of the Mexican province, Yucatan, I believe.

Notgeld – I will continue with a couple of articles I am currently working on and those should be available fairly soon. I have added a wonderful 2nd and more specific article already, about the Artern note – GNCC members please see serienscheine/specific towns/Artern. Several new members have joined, the latest being Jens from Denmark, so I know we all wish them and him a warm welcome.

Hopefully this month will bring in a few nice and interesting notes to me and to you all. Happy collecting.

Weather is getting warmer now so I hope to be spending a bit more time on my bicycle…………..

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