TGM (June 2021)

Hello collector colleagues.

This month’s news is a very sad one for me to write. GNCC forum guests will already know the news but I need to tell all my website visitors now. Several weeks ago, the notgeld collecting arena lost an absolutely wonderful man and banknote/emergency money (especially serienscheine) world expert, Werner Kieselbach. Werner (also known to many only as Kai Lindman) will be remembered, going forward, by the use of his many catalogues that collectors around the world probably know about. Any ‘true’ serienscheine collector will undoubtedly have a copy of his special serienscheine catalogue which includes all known variants. When I had been collecting for only a few years, we started communicating by letter and phone calls. This was a time before the internet had been created! I met him at his home in Gifhorn, Germany and with his very friendly and helpful approach, we seemed to hit it off immediately. Over the years we exchanged info and I always told him of pieces I came across that were not in his serienscheine catalogue……..which he was always very happy to hear about. On several occasions, he requested I even sent the pieces to him so he could examine them, to ensure they were genuine pieces and that he was 100% happy. With over 35 years of friendship, my notgeld knowledge grew and this was down to my communications with Werner (Kai). Around our first communications, he always told me never to say anything about his 2 names and I always kept that in my heart. Until he was going to tell me it was ok and other people knew, I was always going to keep it a secret too. Only now, when I have seen other discussions and postings about his very sad death, am I open to telling you all.

We communicated fairly recently and his name appears in my latest notgeld book ‘ELUSIVE GEMS’. I am so glad I completed that notgeld project before his untimely passing, as his help and assistance to me is now recorded for ever.

For me, he will always be remembered as someone who helped me with my notgeld queries, kept my notgeld passion burning, happily shared his knowledge and above all, was someone who showed great kindness towards me and my family. My 2 boys (at the time we all met) remember him fondly as the Father Christmas, with his white beard. It is a wonderful memory I hold dear. I will never forget him. My condolences go to his family. He was the best……..

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