TGM (May 2022)

For this coming month, I intend to publish more articles that I am currently researching. Feedback has been great for those published recently. The Frose ‘puzzle’ pieces, article, brought some very interesting and ‘new’ info for a lot of collectors, so I take this opportunity to thank again, all those involved in making the finished article what it is. The article I look forward to publishing this month, in particular, is listing all the different shapes of notgeld! If you have any unusual shaped pieces – please let me know and I will document them if not already done so!

This week, after waiting several months, I’ve heard back from the people looking after the Keller collection. The rebuild and renovations there are now over and they have finally been in a position to supply me with a couple more scans of rare serienscheine pieces I was missing. I will now add those to my ‘ELUSIVE GEMS’ book/file and upload the latest edition to the publisher/printer. At this point though, it isn’t worth those who have already purchased a copy to buy another copy. For example, I have been able to verify in a few cases that a note is uniface, so I now state that where required. The Lage piece with stamp mark (unknown and uncatalogued previously) is available to see on the website.

(There remain only 3 serienscheine ‘main catalogue entries’ where I still don’t have a picture.)

Please keep emailing/posting/asking your notgeld questions (direct to me or on the GNCC forum) and hopefully, also keep acquiring some nice interesting scarcer pieces for your collections!

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