*Schoetmar – 3 mark pieces

As I have just written about some unknown marks in the Bielefeld 25m pieces, I have been reminded by GNCC member, Marcel, about the 3m Schoetmar piece and the notes against it in the Lindman catalogue. The reasons for these strange marks is still unknown. The top 2 scans show the reverse and obverse of the ‘normal’ or ‘unmarked’ note. The following scan then shows these strange markings in the printing, which I have circled with red for clarity. (The top dot is a black one and the 2nd one is a brown dot). This 3m note exists with slight colour variants. The 3m note catalogues under Lm.1170

There are 2 different sized serial number fonts, namely 4mm & 5mm. This can be seen in the last 2 images (top = 5mm : bottom = 4mm). The colouring is also brown or reddish brown. There is also a piece catalogued, with no serial number but I don’t have a picture of one of those, currently.

(a reverse side, with a print ‘error’ circled)

The reverse side translation, provided by GNCC member, John A, states:

Once we wanted to hang a naughty lad in Salzuflen,
But the Salzuflen Council said to us : “You can’t do that,
that gallows is for us and our children!”
That was truly cleverly said!
Dear people of Salzuflen, we’ll happily leave you to your own gallows,
But the pleasure at laughing at your wise advice from your wise council,
That’s for us and our children.

The picture of the meeting of the two councils, the councillors in their robes and wigs in armchairs and their town scribes in feathered caps, is accompanied by two smaller silhouette panels of a condemned prisoner being escorted by a guard, and an empty gallows. The story is remembered today by a bas-relief sculpture in Bad Salzuflen, where the full text of the Schoetmar note is reproduced.

The Gallows Dispute is also the subject of one of the 50 Pfennig Bad Salzuflen notes (G / M 1159.1), this time from the perspective of the other town.

In an article recently found on the web, there are also 3 further previously unknown drafts for Schoetmar notgeld. We are currently seeking further info from the Schoetmar stadt archives…….watch this space…….


*Bielefeld linen 25m (red, blue & black)

TGM (Mar. 2023)

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