100m (NGM05-1b-ns) RARE


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I am selling here, a RARE piece of ‘stoffgeld’ German notgeld, issued in Bielefeld and dating from around 1921-1923. The piece is made of fine gold silk which has a fine serated ‘zackenrand’ edge/border. The piece is in truly exceptional condition – please see scan. This piece is individually catalogued as ‘NGM05-1b-ns‘ in my specialised catalogue and these types (‘Gr/Mehl 30’ Band 9 from 10 years ago) have a catalogue value of ‘LP’ above the 1000 euro guide price! Don’t get muddled up with pieces that may look similar to the untrained eye – the more common pieces/types tend to go for around 100 euros price. THIS PIECE IS DIFFERENT AND IS A ‘RARE’ TYPE! My 46 years of collecting and experience from writing my catalogue could suggest I am a world authority on these types! Imagery on the note is fantastic – look at the Jewish rabbi talking to the man selling his pork sausages!! One of the tombstone encryption verses on this piece translates as: Here lies my wife, thy will be done. She used to quarrel with everyone! So passer-by, get lost to view, or up she’ll rise and nag you too!

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