Juxschein 99 ‘frenzied notgeld collecting’ fantasy note!


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This Austrian ’99’ note is issued by the “United Notgeld Factories Ltd of Boxham, Rexham, Finklham and Hachlham” (there are villages called Rexham, Finklham and Hachlham in Austria, and there’s also a Poxham, but I get the impression that these names are being used as a byword for yokeldom).  The purpose here is to “generously pay service to the general hunger for money and the frenzied fever of money Notgeld collecting” and the value is 99 “righteous ones” to be redeemed on the Day of the Last Judgement against the currency of the Hereafter.  Signed by Schalk (Prankster) again, but also by Sammelfex (a name denoting Collection Mania)

Note is in ‘used but very good’ condition.

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