Trebnitz 2 + 2 ‘OVP’+ paper!!


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German/Polish set of 2 + 2 scarce ‘overprinted’ pieces, ……along with an original information piece of paper about the pieces from the 1920’s. Highly collectable pieces/set which are all in ‘au-unc’ condition as is not the norm with these types (verkehrsausgaben). German – Trebnitz : Polish – Trzebnica. The front overprints are blue with the round stampmarks on the reverse being red and purple! Scans show fronts and backs of the 5 pieces you are buying here. The 50pf notes were cut in two and re-stamped because they ran out of 25pf notes, which they needed more of in 1920 as small change. Very, very interesting pieces!

The piece of paper states:

In order to remedy the shortage of small change by replacing the missing 25 pfennig emergency notes, the city treasury will put halved 50 pfennig notes into circulation when exchanging the city emergency money that is no longer fit for circulation. These 50 pfennig halves are identified by the hand stamp “Gut für 25 Pfennige” (good for 25 pfennigs) and the official stamp of the city treasury. They will later be redeemed by the municipal cashiers without any problems, as will the occasional half of the emergency banknotes already in circulation. The lack of a token can also be remedied by using postage stamps, which the municipal ticket offices use stamp holders made of green cardboard paper to keep clean. / Trebnitz, 26 October 1920 / The Magistrate. Schelte.’

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