The following, very nice looking pair of notes, were issued in Bochum, with the top one dated '6 August 1923' and the bottom one, '15 August 1923'.

On the left-hand sides of the reverse sides, it states : 'Issued with the approval of the Minister of Finance'.

On the right-hand sides of the reverse sides, it states : 'This note will become invalid after the expiry of the official notice'.

(The notice would be placed in the local newspapers, so that all the people would be aware of when the notes became invalid or had expired).



The silhouette on the front of the notes is of  Carl Arnold Kortum, a German physician who was best known for his writing and poetry. (1745 - 1824).

'Dr. Kortum' is most well known for his satirical epic poem, Life, Opinions, and Deeds of Hieronymus Jobs the Candidate (Leben, Meinungen und Thaten von Hieronymus Jobs dem Kandidaten), first published anonymously in 1784 ...............and also known as 'The Jobsiade'. Under his silhouette are the words 'Dichter der Jobsiade'......'poet/writer of the Jobsiade'.


The following scans show further pieces of 1923 hyper-inflationary notgeld issued in Bochum, this time, private issues from the 'Bochum Association for Mining and Carbon Steel Manufacturing'.....all depicting a miner with his lantern and pick-axe:


Here is a variant 100 millionen mark note:


Here is a similar looking note but from Bochum and Dortmund and issued by the 'German-Luxembourg mining and smelting company'