Goerlitz (round)

Most notgeld are rectangular in shape. Collectors like something that is ‘different’ so issues that are round are highly collectable. The notes below issued by the ‘Goerlitzer Nachrichten und Anzeiger’ (the Goerlitz Gazette – a local newspaper with sections for news and sections for adverts) are a case in point. They come in several variants, ranging from 10 euros a piece to 50 euros a piece. Some of the pieces have more than 1 colour whilst others are of single colour only. Below are the single coloured pieces which have a date above the face-value of ‘Dzbr. 1920’ and ‘pfennig under the face-value. The scan shows the complete set of 12 pieces!

Below, I show enlarged scans of some pieces, so you can see some of the differences:

Single coloured 1pf piece with ‘Pfennig’ below the face-value
Single coloured 1pf piece without serial
twin coloured 1pf piece with ‘Pfennig’ below the face-value.
Twin coloured 1pf piece with serial
Twin coloured 40pf piece with ‘Pfennig’ below the face-value
Twin coloured 40pf with serial
Scarce – twin coloured 3pf piece with ‘1920’ below the face-value.



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