Issues (non German)

Other countries that issued notgeld, between 1914-1924

As my notgeld interest is almost entirely with the German notgeld (paper and stoffgeld) issues, I have listed here for other notgeld collectors, the different countries that issued paper notgeld for the same period as above. (if you are aware of others and have pictures, please contact me and I will update this listing). I am aware of the following countries:

Algeria        Austria        Belgium        Croatia       Denmark        France        Hungary
Italy          Lithuania      Luxembourg     Monaco        Netherlands    Poland        Portugal
Russia         Senegal        Slovenia       Spain

Notgeld from Algeria

Notgeld from Austria (values will be in ‘heller’ or ‘Krone’)


Notgeld from Bohemia & Moravia
  / Osterreich Bohmen und Mahren (Austro/German/Czech)

Notgeld from Azerbaijan

Notgeld from Belgium

Notgeld from Croatia

Notgeld from France (Grenoble, Avignon, Wimy & Chauny)

Notgeld from Hungary

Hungary4 Ervenyes

Notgeld from Latvia

(One side is in German and the other in Latvian / Russian)

Notgeld from Luxembourg

Notgeld from Monaco

Notgeld from Netherlands

From GNCC member Charles :

From what I understand, emergency money in the Netherlands was issued at the start of the First World War in August 1914 and (again) at the start of the Second World War in May 1940, immediately after the German invasion of the Netherlands.
Although the Netherlands remained neutral in WW I, the Dutch public feared they might get dragged in, they began to hoard silver coinage immediately at the outbreak of the First World War.  In August 1914, in order to continue making payments, several dozen Dutch municipalities and even a few companies issued noodgeld. The circulation crisis was short lived as shortly afterwards, the Dutch government issued the first silver vouchers (zilverbons) and the noodgeld was withdrawn from circulation.  Since  Dutch Noodgeld have had a short lifetime, they tend to be scarce and hard to find, resulting in them being expensive to acquire. 

Something similar happened during the German invasion of the Netherlands in May 1940. Everyone started to demand cash payments and there was a shortage of change. The government authorized provinces and municipalities to issue noodgeld. From May 17, the government again issued silver vouchers and emergency banknotes were taken out of circulation.

Notgeld from Portugal (full set of 5 pieces is 5, 10, 20, 30 & 50 centavos)

Another Portuguese issue, this time for the Cuba municipal.

Notgeld from Russia (Taborpenz – a POW camp for Hungarian prisoners)

Notgeld from Senegal

Notgeld from Slovenia

*The Kindelbrueck story

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