Highly collectable are pieces that are made of velvet! There are several different pieces to collect, all issued in Bielefeld. Below is a ‘wertbestaendige’ piece with a face-value of 50 GOLDMARK. It was issued by the ‘Stadt-Sparkasse Bielefeld’ (The Bielefeld Town Savings Bank) and is dated ’15 DEZEMBER 1923′.

Another piece issued on yellow-gold velvet, has ‘2 characters’ as its central design. (There is a seperate article available to GNCC members which details the graphic in more detail and that shows some wonderful variant pieces too!) Below is the ‘normal’ piece with no edging or border:

Bielefeld 10Gm

9 different oval shaped pieces in velvet exist for the collector! The scan below shows the 3 different designs and the 3 different colours – so for example the ‘baby holding the turnip’ comes in the red ……… well as yellow-gold and purple, as do the other designs. All the face-values are the same, (ie) 4.20 Goldmark / 1 Dollar US.

Bielefeld oval 4.20Gm / 1 Dollar US pieces

For further info about these velvet issues and to see more velvet pieces, please refer to article ‘Velvet (extra info)’, available only to my GNCC members.


TGM (May 2020)

Goerlitz (round)

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