The Kindelbrueck story

Story of the Kindelbrueck notgeld

Kindelbrueck (basic set of 3 is Lm.680)

The serienscheine piece above, depicts 4 children, with their stick horses, standing on the bridge at Kindelbrueck. The name Kindelbrueck means ' children on the bridge'.

Berthold Lindau was the very much respected mayor of the town and his name can be seen on the bottom right of the notes. He summoned an artist to produce the money for the town, depicting part of the town's history.

The story goes, that when the town grew, settlements started on the other size of the river. A bridge was built, but before it was finished with rails on each side, 4 little boys from the town played on it, got into a fight and pushed each other off and drowned! This story was chosen to be depicted on the notes, so the artist who had been summoned by Lindau needed to find 4 little boys to depict in his painting. Lindau supplied his 3 sons, Erich, Walter & Paul. The town's Lutheran pastor, supplied his son as number 4. (Look at his collar in the picture!!). On the back of the notes are the church of St.Ulrich, the town hall and the Gruendelsloch. This story was told to me by Ute, the step-daughter of Walter and grand-daughter of Berthold Lindau. She now has 3 grand-children of her own and lives in America. Surprised

The basic set contains a 10pf, 25pf & 50pf notes. There are several colour variants. The note above is coloured 'rosa/braun' and is 'uncatalogued'!