TG-M (Apr 2024)

The weather hasn’t been too good here but at least we did get a couple of nice dry days for Easter – so the family Easter egg hunt went ahead as planned. I hope you and your families all had an enjoyable Easter weekend. The extra bank holidays have been great and also provided a good opportunity to get a few notgeld sorted out!

Work of course continues on my books covering revalued / overprinted notgeld and specimen / muster notgeld. Projects like these do take time but hopefully the efforts are appreciated by notgeld collectors out there, across the world. The aim of the books is always firstly to bring knowledge to the collecting arena and hopefully place collectors in a stronger position to make some good choices and purchases. I am really pleased we now have all the serienscheine revalued overprinted (OVPs) notes documented with at least one full colour example from each location that reused these serienscheine pieces. Since I was a very young boy, I had always wondered what some of these pieces actually look like, as I had never ever seen them. …..especially rare pieces like Gottesberg, Marienburg, Neidenburg and Winterberg, for example. At least now, collectors have the opportunity to know, should they purchase the ‘REVALUED GEMS (Volume 1)‘, which was only very recently published. (Please refer to the ‘My Books’ section on the homepage to make any purchases)! Last month I showed the cover page so here is a temporarily protected internal page scan:

Any collector interested in notgeld, especially the serienscheine types should be very pleased with this publication. The two ‘REVALUED GEMS‘ books / volumes, now place all these revalued / overprinted notgeld together for the first time!!

Other website info – I have added a couple more ‘saints’ to that specific article and also 1 or 2 more notgeld depicting maps. If you are browsing one of my articles that lists certain types, please do contact me if you have 1 that is missing, as I will always add it in. If you are collecting by theme and wish to help me create a new notgeld article, please let me know and I will see what can be done.

As I keep my fingers crossed for better weather and plans for more cycling with some of my friends, I’ll wish you all well and hope the next month is a good one for you all.

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