TGM (Feb. 2023)

I have been contacted a couple of times this month about the GNCC (German Notgeld Collectors’ Club) membership. On the homepage, if one scrolls down a little, there is a picture icon that can be clicked on and that will then progress you to the membership sign-up. It is well worth it as you get back double the joining fee in notgeld, when you place your first notgeld order with me. Everyone is welcome to join, novice and experienced notgeld collectors. We would love to welcome you all to our very friendly club.

I hope the start of 2023 has been a good one for you all. If you received any interesting or scarcer notgeld pieces, please talk about them on the GNCC forum. There are some really interesting posts that all GNCC members can read through………….and hopefully learn even more about ‘notgeld’. It still amazes me the pieces that people are able to show me – absolutely wonderful and often, pieces I have never seen before in 50 years of collecting, like very scarce variant pieces. Please do keep posting them and showing them to all the GNCC members.

My website articles are becoming more complete as the months go past. New pieces have been added to the lists… ‘piggies’, ‘ghost towns’ and ‘descriptive terms’. In fact, I have now listed over 250 different terms used on notgeld instead of ‘banknote’ – and all with pictures of the specific issues. Its a treasure trove for true notgeld collectors and very historic. The notes could form the basis of a very good collection in itself.

I have been slowly adding some of my old collection to the shop, so do please keep an eye out on that. Many of the pieces, including the larger sized grossgeld pieces from 1918, would make great additions to anyone’s notgeld and banknote collection. Some have been in my albums for decades so it is a really good opportunity to gets pieces that haven’t been offered on the ‘market’ for a very long time. As always – HAPPY NOTGELD COLLECTING!

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