TG-M (Feb 2024)

I have now started to write my 8th (and possibly 9th) notgeld book(s) which I hope will be finalised in the next couple of months. It is very time consuming getting all the necessary scans together and trying to make some sense and order to layout and content. It is a wonderfully interesting task for me, as I hope I will learn a few things as I proceed.

Primarily, I am writing this book(s), as I really want to document, in full colour, all the serienscheine revalued overprints….. (I call them OVPs)…… as well as the serienscheine specimen pieces that we can find.

Some of the pieces I won’t be able to get a scan of but at least all the pieces we have here in the GNCC, can hopefully be scanned in and added to the book content. 2 GNCC members, John & Marcel, are assisting me with this very interesting notgeld project. The book(s) is aimed at being a ‘catalogue’ of all those serienscheine types (revalued overprints & specimens) ….. but it will also include hundreds of coloured pictures of these notgeld types from the other notgeld categories… ‘Grossgeld’, ‘Inflation 1922’ and ‘Inflation 1923’ revalued overprints and specimen pieces. I hope the notgeld collectors around the world will find these 2 subjects most interesting.

The 2 topics may even have to be separated but we will wait and see how things pan out. It depends on how big the book gets.

I am not currently interested in any other form of serienscheine overprint……..just revalued ones, like this very uncommon / scarce piece from Reinerz, Bad:

The serienscheine specimen types I am looking for will be similar to this piece from Bernburg:

If anyone else can help me, please do get in touch. If you think you have some of the scarcer pieces being discussed above, please get in contact with me so things can evolve as required.

I am especially looking for scans for the book of the revalued overprinted serienscheine from Marienburg, Neidenburg & Winterberg. Can anyone help me please?

Happy Collecting to everyone!!

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