TG-M (Mar 2024)

I hope everyone is well and still enjoying this wonderful collector hobby.

The work on my latest books continues. Due to the overall file size, I have now decided to split the 2 topics (revalued overprints and specimen notes) into their own individual publications. The revalued overprints (OVPs) will be split into 2 volumes and will be entitled ‘REVALUED GEMS‘. I am hoping that the first part of that will be published later this month! Volume 1 will cover and catalogue all the serienscheine revalued overprints………. and then, it will show other revalued overprint types from the other notgeld categories, ‘A – K’. It will be a picture book of some wonderful notgeld but not a catalogue of these types. As there are collectors that are only interested in serienscheine notgeld, those collectors will probably not need or want ‘Volume 2’. They will have the option of whether or not they then go on to purchase the 2nd volume, (when it is ready)……. which will cover the revalued overprints from the non-serienscheine categories ‘L – Z’. (I have placed all the serienscheine revalued overprints together to help collectors)

Most collectors will have never ever seen some of these very scarce revalued overprinted pieces, so I hope this publication will be very helpful to notgeld collectors and be a record of such pieces!

*** I have just published ‘REVALUED GEMS’ (Volume 1) which covers all the serienscheine revalued overprints and then other notgeld revalued overprints A – K***

On my website homepage, visitors will see that I am very slowly producing articles for some of the notgeld artists. The original post was far too large and it caused us a problem which we are now addressing with these ‘separate’ posts. Once they have all been created, it will be much easier to add names and scans as we go forward.

In the past month, we have had several new GNCC members join so a big and friendly WELCOME to them!!

Any notgeld queries – please do send us an email.

Happy notgeld collecting……. and look out for those wonderful bargain purchases that you might still be able to find out there. I have been adding some lovely pieces, ‘common’ and ‘rare’ to my shop, so please do keep an eye on those. Have a good month!!

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