TG-M (May 2024)

Collecting notgeld (emergency money) is a wonderful hobby to have. There are a lot of readily available, cheap pieces to start building a notgeld collection. As a collection grows, so does knowledge about them and hopefully a passion for them too! It still amazes me that most people haven’t even heard of notgeld. This hobby has enriched my life and broadened my outlooks and knowledge. Please do consider joining my GNCC notgeld club and enjoy with us all here, some very remarkable pieces, stories and graphics.

This month I will continue to gather info for the ‘REVALUED GEMS (Volume 2)‘ book and hopefully get it to a position where I am happy to publish it, possibly next month. It will be a good addition to any notgeld collector’s library, especially if you have purchased my ‘REVALUED GEMS (Volume 1)‘ book which covers ALL the serienscheine revalued overprinted pieces and many, many more. Superb graphics of some very, very rare pieces – some not shown in any other publication or catalogue!

With a bit of arthritis now diagnosed in my hips and some discomfort from that, the cycling has been reduced from 120 miles a week to just 80. It is still a long way for most non-cyclists but I want to keep my fitness and well-being good so I continue to cycle. It would probably be the worst thing for me to stop. The enjoyment is still there but the effort has got a little harder. I struggled a bit today as it was very windy and going uphill was tough.

Back to notgeld – these 2 specimen pieces, issued in Juelich, arrived here yesterday so I am a ‘happy bunny’, as we say here. They are both missing their usual serial number AND they have the star-shaped cancellation.

Happy collecting to you all and don’t forget to email me with any of your interesting additions please!!

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