TGM (Apr. 2023)

Hopefully, this will be a quieter month for me. I will continue writing a few articles and will also be researching a few notgeld variants I recently became aware of. As the weather improves, I will be out a lot more with my cycling colleagues. For me, there is almost nothing better in life than meeting up with like-minded people, having a lunch together and cycling around the countryside lanes. It keeps me fit and my weight in check!

I have just published an article on the Herbolzheim inflationary issues, along with pictures that a collector colleague in Germany gave me permission to use. They are great pieces and show again, another layer to collecting. I am also going through thousands of pieces I recently acquired here, so that will be my main focus with notgeld for the next few months. Always remember to keep your eyes out for variant pieces – they can be very easily missed and you could be bagging yourself a bargain too!

I have just started a new ‘long-term’ notgeld project in the past week or so but it will be a couple of years until it is ready. I can’t say what it is yet but hopefully it is something the notgeld collectors will find interesting and very helpful.

The new forum topic of ‘notgeld tourism’…..showing pictures in real-life and the notgeld issues that were inspired by the objects or scenes, is going well and seems to be a very interesting one for collectors. Please do log-in and take a look……and also, maybe add a post or 2!

Happy notgeld collecting!!

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