TGM (August 2021)

Hi to all again – doesn’t time fly!?

Hopefully everyone is continuing to learn more about their notes and adding new additions, so the collections are always getting better. I made a couple of purchases in the past few weeks, one of which arrived here yesterday. It is a 50 goldmark note from Cham which has 5 coupons still attached (wertbestaendige issue). I have written an article about it which you can all read. A lot of the info about it, I learned from another source, so I have referenced the person of course. There is a lot of very interesting stuff to read. I’ll be selling the piece at some time, once I have researched it as best I can.

Sales of my books are still doing ok so I thank all that have shown an interest. The ‘ELUSIVE GEMS’ book which covers rare serienscheine pieces is a real eye-opener. Its brilliant to be able to see these pieces at last. I am working to track down the last 3 notes that I could just not find…..and that will continue. A couple of new members have joined the GNCC so we all look forward to hopefully see some new posts on the forum from them. Currently I am still researching the serial numbering of the Schmalkalden pieces and also, the official mintage numbers for the Rothenbach coal coins.

Keep well everyone and keep busy………but not too busy!

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