TGM (Jan. 2023)

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all. I hope 2023 is a good year for everyone and it brings luck to all collectors.

I’m still awaiting a parcel delivery here, held up with the festive season postal services. I’ll probably add a few scans to the website/ forum when those pieces have arrived here. I’m really looking forward to seeing them all.

In the comings weeks and months, I will continue to amend and update my website articles so they become even better and hopefully, more complete. I have been adding pictures to the following articles : ‘descriptive terms’, ‘piggies’, ‘maps’, ‘Iron Cross’ and a whole lot of other bits and bobs too, so please do log in and read through the articles. Knowledge about notgeld and the actual issues themselves, is everything…….and it might even allow you to pick up that notgeld ‘bargain’!

I recently received Diessner’s ‘BILLIONENSCHEINE’ catalogue. I urge anyone who is interested to contact me (if they haven’t seen the latest forum post) and I will then pass them the best contact details. Its a fantastic addition for any notgeld library – full of coloured pictures, info. and prices. There is even an introduction in English. The layout is very good and the catalogue sits nicely with the other blue notgeld books. It has now superceded the last Lindman BILLIONEN catalogue that I had here – so the catalogue numbers will now all be referenced from Diessner’s catalogue.

Did anyone receive anything interesting over Christmas, relating to notgeld? Please send me your pictures…… and maybe we can create an article or two. We are now all looking forward to a new and good collecting year! I wish everyone collecting success…….

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