The COVID19 pandemic is causing havoc all around the world, so I do hope you and your families stay safe and well, in these worrying times. The UK has been hit hard and the total death figure will, very unfortunately, be more than 40,000 I’m sure, before all this ends.

For collectors, a hobby is great in these ‘lockdown’ times and I do hope everyone has found the time to re-study, browse and enjoy their collections. My website goes from strength to strength, with more notgeld articles being regularly added for you. One of my ‘new’ GNCC members has assisted me in compiling a list of specific pieces they are interested in. So, there is a great article referencing notgeld featuring ‘Luther’, as well as specific towns with interesting notes being featured and discussed. My latest article, of which I’m very proud, lists (currently 26) actual different commodities that notgeld face-values were issued with……….. like rye, margarine, bread, bricks, matches and honey. Some quite obscure commodities came to light when I was researching pieces, some of which I found from browsing old or past auction catalogues. Please have a look – you will be surprised I’m sure. Notgeld collecting, for me, still drives knowledge and understanding and my passion for them remains strong. I have acquired some lovely pieces over the past few weeks, which I intend to write articles about and show, so keep your eyes open for those. Please join my German Notgeld collectors’ Club (GNCC) if you are not already a member and get access to all these wonderful notgeld articles. You will learn so much and then, hopefully, be able to make those bargain buys! With better understanding of the actual notgeld pieces, comes a stronger desire to better one’s collection, with scarcer pieces and more interesting issues. I still think every note has a story. Good luck with all your collections and I hope to hear back from some of you in the coming days and weeks.

This month, I have also just created my first ever ‘notgeld flip book’, containing pictures of notgeld. In this ‘free access’ one, I wanted to show the face values going from 1pf and then increasing x10, all the way up the scale to 100Billionen! (The 100pf and 1m are the same face value of course). Please take a look :

If any of my current GNCC members are having difficulties logging in (since we migrated the website and changed the host) please email me or use the ‘contact me’ facility on the top yellow menu line. I do regularly check automation and error logs and as some of you know, I will email anyone that looks like they are having issues.

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