TGM (Mar. 2022)

With the troubles across the world at the moment, it is nice to be able to step into another world – collecting!! I’m sure we all hope for a quick resolution to the situation.

I’m keeping myself fairly busy this month, trying to clear away my ‘banknote desk’ in my ‘notgeld office’. I’m stumbling across a couple of interesting pictures and notes so will write little articles about those in due course. I’m doing some work with all my BILLION mark notes too, so hopefully in the near future a clearer path forward will have been made. My latest additions are some small stamp-like wertbestaendige pieces from Passau. You will be able to read all about those later this month.

Weather here is still quite windy and cold, so it is hard to get the bike out – but I must keep doing it – for my own good. My 86 year old Father was up visiting us this past week and that showed me how important it is to try and look after one’s health. He has maintained a lot of his strength which he gained through his life, working on merchant ships and opening and closing big heavy valves. You need luck of course but setting a challenge or 2 each week can’t be a bad thing. When I return from a cycle ride, I never feel guilty spending some ‘free’ time on my notgeld hobby.

Has anyone added anything really interesting to their collections recently? Thanks to all those still sending info and pictures for the website to me – very much appreciated – it helps me a lot. Happy collecting!

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