TGM (May 2021)

The past month has been a very busy one for me. My ‘ELUSIVE GEMS‘ book was completed and is now available to buy from my homepage or direct from LuLu. I have already sold a few copies so I hope that continues. The feedback has been great – I think it is so nice to be able to see rare pieces that the majority of people/collectors will not have seen before. There were some image issues in the printing process and a couple of grammar errors I noticed so those have now been corrected. (I should have employed a proof reader, rather than trust myself). The cover has also been well received and I think overall, the book is a wonderful addition to the notgeld arena. The additional info that I have supplied for some of the entries make it a very interesting read!!

This month, I intend to take things a bit slower but I will continue with writing new articles and also, hopefully hunting down some interesting pieces that I can then research a bit and bring to the attention of my GNCC notgeld collectors. I’m currently adding a few scans to a listing of notgeld which feature maps and also notes that feature pigs!

As the weather is getting dryer and warmer, I will be cycling more and enjoying the fresh air and maybe a lunchtime meal indoors if it is better than being outside. I really do look forward to restrictions being lifted but only in the measured way they are planned to be. This week I managed to cycle a total of 125 miles in 3 different rides (just over 200 km).

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