TGM (Oct. 2022)

Another month has flown past and hopefully you have had some nice notgeld come your way.

I visited Rome a few days ago, to celebrate my 30th wedding anniversary. It is a wonderful city to visit with plenty of things to see and do……and of course, good food!

Notgeld – I have been lucky to purchase some very nice pieces in the past few weeks, including an absolutely ‘perfect’ 10 milliarden note from Voehrenbach – its the delightful note that depicts the 2 French cockerels standing on top of a pile of debt, with the 2 German eagles being squashed under the sheer amount / weight – obviously a comment on the Treaty of Versailles and the war reparations. I also was able to get hold of a 1 BILLION mark note from Olpe with a ‘fingerprint’ signature!

Several new members have joined and been in contact with me, so hopefully we will be hearing more from them and their collecting specialities. We all very much welcome comments and information supplied from GNCC members, here on this website. Some of you (but hopefully not too many) noticed we had an ‘IT’ issue with the website about 2 weeks ago. The whole database had to be restored which then introduced a few ‘quirks’. I’m slowly trying to resolve those and to date, I don’t think you will see much difference in operation. You can always drop me an email if you find anything ‘untowards’……

As always, happy notgeld collecting to you all. The nights are drawing in and the log burner will be burning bright here. Stay healthy and warm.

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