TGM (Oct. 2023)

As the nice weather seems to be coming to an end, I hope everyone is enjoying their collecting and any new notgeld additions that may have arrived over the past few weeks. if you have found anything interesting that you want to discuss or show, don’t forget the GNCC forum. A couple of new members have joined, so we all welcome them and extend our hands of friendship. The quest for notgeld knowledge continues and my research is still digging up some great info., a lot of which would remain undisclosed or ‘lost’ from most collector’s views and understanding. Several articles have been published in the past few weeks so please log in and read at your leisure – there is sure to be something that interests you – the scarce note from Ahlen, for me at least, was very interesting to finally understand. I have added a few ‘new’ notes to the shop too, so keep an eye on those as well please. Don’t forget, if you have any questions – please ask. Between us all, we should be able to answer most queries about notgeld that might be raised.

I recently bought an interesting postcard, entitled ‘Drei Deutsche Reichsmark‘. You can read about that under ‘The German mark’ article which can be found on the Intro tab on the main yellow menu bar. If anyone is interested in owning in for their own collection, please drop me an email. Happy notgeld collecting for another month, until my next news update.

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