100m modern replica (NGM06-1b-nsSHINYFAKE)


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This piece has just been confirmed as a modern forgery/fake/replica! (25 APR 2018) by a group of experts including myself. (My catalogue will be updated  and republished as it stated then, that this note was a possible forgery/fake/replica, as I had my doubts but couldn’t prove anything……..but now it is confirmed).

It is, however, still a lovely looking 100m ‘stoffgeld’ piece made of ‘silk’ with scalloped edge and embroidered reverse. It  now catalogues as ‘NGM06-1b-nsSHINYFAKE‘ in my updated Bielefeld 100m reference, the copy that is dated ‘REVISED APR 2018’, on the front cover. On this piece, the scalloped edge is coloured black and red and reverse is ‘OYO’. MODERN FORGERY/FAKE/REPLICA but still a nice addition for your stoffgeld/notgeld collection as a comparison and discussion piece. We do not know who manufactured or distributed the note and I now date the piece between 1980-2000. It is not known how many of these ‘very shiny’ pieces exist but we are aware of at least a dozen or so. GNCC members could buy this piece for 60 euros. (conditions apply)

My Bielefeld 100m reference ‘MATERIAL GEMS’ explains all the differences with these types.

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