Duesseldorf – ‘A.Schaffhausen’ – 50m – super!!


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A very, very nice piece of interesting grossgeld notgeld, issued in Duesseldorf and dated as ‘4. November 1918’. The piece has been cut corner cancelled. It is a genuine catalogued notgeld piece, issued on a cheque from ‘A Schaffhausen Bank’. It catalogues as geiger-115.04a. The piece is described as a ‘Verrechnungsschecks der Grossbanken’ (Cashier’s checks from the big banks).  The piece is in ‘extremely good, but used’ condition, as it has been folded in half at some stage – that fold is now almost unnoticeable – please see scans which show back and front. This is the scarcer type with the ‘N’ of the ‘No xxxxx’ serial number being straight rather than fancy curved.

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