Karlsruhe 5 goldpfennig


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Karlsruhe 5 goldpfennig – the uniface piece, which is made of greyish-blue coloured paper is in ‘almost au-unc’ condition (it has 2 crease marks on it possibly from moving and removing from albums over the years). It was issued by the ‘Studentendienst‘ (Student Service). Please see scan. A lovely note with an interesting history……..as it was part of the collection that belonged previously to Kai Lindman! The note is dated ’10. X. 1923.’  (I do have further pieces from this series that also belonged to Kai Lindman if you want to get in touch…..)

(The issuer of the note, ‘Karlsruher Studentendienst e.V.’  was the student services organisation of what was then the institute of technology (Technische Hochschule) of Karlsruhe (it didn’t become a university until 1967). It still exists today –  or, rather, it was re-established under the same name in 1948, its previous incarnation having been subsumed into the National Socialist Reichsstudentenwerk in 1934 under the Gleichschaltung or ‘Nazification’ of all German associations and organisations.)

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